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Discover the Future of Podcast Analysis with ASKD - Powered by Advanced AI

Access the information inside thousands of podcasts in seconds with AI transcription, analysis, summarisation and organisation. Transform episodes into lists, articles, emails, and more.

Podcast Intelligence with ASKD

Explore our suite of features designed to transform your podcast experience.

Comprehensive Podcast Database

"Explore the Unmatched Breadth of Content"
Dive into our expansive library featuring over 14,000 podcasts from 140 diverse categories. Whether you're a casual listener or a professional analyst, our database is a treasure trove of auditory insights waiting to be discovered.

Curated Content 

"Quality and Relevance at Your Fingertips"
ASKD meticulously curates only the most popular podcasts. This selective approach ensures you're always in tune with what's trending and relevant, saving you time while maintaining the highest content quality.

Instant Analysis

"Insights in Seconds"
Experience the magic of AI with instant generation of transcripts and time-coded summaries for each episode. This feature not only enhances your understanding but also helps in pinpointing key moments, making every listening session more efficient and informative.

Email Summaries

"Podcast Insights, Direct to Your Inbox"
With ASKD, convenience is key. Get comprehensive episode summaries delivered straight to your email, allowing you to stay updated on-the-go. Perfect for busy professionals and enthusiasts alike who want to stay informed without the time commitment.

Advanced Search

"Find Exactly What You're Looking For"
Navigate the vast world of podcasts with ease using our advanced search feature. Looking for a specific topic, keyword, or phrase? ASKD's powerful search engine swiftly scans through episodes and shows to bring you precisely what you need.  

Networking Opportunities

"Connect with the Voices Behind the Podcasts"
ASKD goes beyond listening. Gain access to the contact information of podcast hosts, opening doors to networking opportunities and collaborations. It's not just about what you listen to; it's also about who you can connect with.