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Talk to the shows that matter

While there are millions of podcasts 'listed', most have stopped recording or have very small single-figure audiences. ASKD monitors the leading charts, and only includes active, leading, engaged shows with meaningful followings, so you know that every interaction is valuable.

Marketing & PR

Great shows have great audiences. Connect with the worlds best hosts, producers, show teams and their listeners in seconds.


Heard a fact, stat or quote which needs celebrating, promoting or sometimes correcting. Drop the show team an email and turn a podcast into a conversation.


Podcasts are always looking for interesting people with interesting stories to talk to. Have an idea and send it out to 10 or 20 or 50 podcasts who are just waiting to hear from you.


Think podcast sponsorship is complicated, think again. Drop your favourite shows an email, find out how much a spot costs, and if the price is right do a deal. Shows are always on the lookout for a new sponsor their listeners will love.


Are you a superfan? Want to form a deeper connection with a show? Get in touch and let them know. Podcasts are always looking to for ways to better connect with their listeners.

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Search over 500,000 podcast episodes and contact the host in seconds.

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500,000+ Episodes

Search across the leading podcasts using ASKS vast database of the leading 500,000+ episodes.

Leading Shows Only

There are millions of podcasts, but most are either inactive or have single-figure audiences. ASKD only displays leading podcasts so you know that lead is worth the chasing.

Email Contact Data

Access official show email addresses and website data to contact any show, host or team in seconds.

Search, Find, Connect

Database Search

Search the ASKD archive of leading podcasts to find the best shows in your sector or industry and reach out to hosts in seconds.

Our awesome features
Show Description

Quickly learn about shows through their description to find the right hosts and tailor your approach.

Our awesome features
Number of Episodes

Check the total show episode count to target active shows with engaged audiences.

Our awesome features
Show Website

Avoid time consuming online research by accessing the shows official website directly from ASKD.

Our awesome features
Host Email

Send the show or host a personalised, bespoke email with your idea, question or request from your own email address.

Our awesome features

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